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The History of he Acai Berry


Centuries ago in the Rainforests of Brazil there was a great famine, the chief of the tribe ordered all newborn children to be killed to save resources? The daughter to the chief was not spared, and her child was murdered with the other first born of the tribe. The heartbroken daughter, one night thought she saw her child and wandered out into the wilderness, and took the child in her arms. The next morning she was found quite dead, hugging the palm tree with the fruit from the tree all around her, the chief ordered the fruit to be harvested and the tribe was saved from starvation. In fact they became very strong and vital, they reproduced, led long fruitful lives. The daughters name was iaca, and the berry was named for her, meaning “giving life.” So goes the legend of the Acai Berry.

Every sinc

e then, the Acai berry has been an important part of the lives of the natives. They use if as a regular part of their diet. They use it in many dishes; turn it

into powders and juices. Modern day natives mix Acai with Granola for breakfast. The one thing they all have in common is they still live long lives, look younger, are more vital then their counterparts.

Acai for men has the same amazing properties today. Men who use it find it helps them to look younger, not to lose their hair and keeps the weight under control.

It also helps insomniacs sleep better, promotes mental clarity

If you haven’t tried Acai for men, then you isn’t feeling as well as you should. It totally cleanses your systems you can feel healthier, more vital and alive.


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