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David Wolfe has gone Crazy!


A: This is tragic… (but you’ll love it)
B: What a friggin tragedy!
C: I think he’s gone insane (but you benefit)
D: Life-Saving Info for $97?
E: He put a price on LIFE (gotta see this!)
F: David Wolfe’s Gone Crazy (you benefit)

Yep, it’s official: David Wolfe’s gone crazy.

Personally I respect his decision but he’s
getting a lot of flack. He’s just bottomed-out
the price to access his LongevityNOW Program


You Have to See This For Yourself to Believe It!

David wants this LIFE-SAVING
information in the hands of anyone and

And I agree because you can have everything you
desire but you can’t buy back your life (or the
life of those you love) once it’s gone.

The bottom line is: if you or someone you know is
suffering from any physical conditions or signs
of premature aging there is just no way around it:


To absolutely ensure *anyone* can access
these never-before-shared health secrets David is
letting you try the LongevityNOW Program for an
ENTIRE 30 days…

For an initial investment of only $97.

But you can only grab this unprecedented program
at this rock-bottom investment for a limited time.

Since you’re reading this email, you clearly
realize the PRICELESS nature of your health…
the fact that anything you want is USELESS to you
if your body breaks down or deteriorates too

…$97 is Absolutely Affordable to Guarantee
Secured Longevity and Health!

If you aren’t familiar with David Wolfe, his
clients include Woody HarrelsonMark Victor
Tony RobbinsAngela Bassett, and Steve

He also runs the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
whose mission is to plant 18 billion fruit trees,
a massive step to securing our planet’s

A portion of all sales will go to this great

So not only will you receive this life-saving
information that will literally transform your

Your investment will plant fruit trees that will
feed the hungry, nourish the soil, and extend the
longevity of our planet!



P.S. Oh and real quick: David has told me that
some of our international friends have had
trouble ordering. He’s fixed the issue so please
try again if you were unable to buy.

Secure Guaranteed Health and Longevity NOW!


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