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Eating healthy doesn’t mean just eating bland food. Believe it or not, healthy food can be very tasty.

It takes a little planning to prepare meals rather then going to Macdonald’s, but you feel so much better when you do. For instance chicken is one of the more healthy foods, and all you have to do is grill it or bake it instead of frying it, it is healthier and tastes delicious, with one third less calories

The first thing people want to give up is red meat, but red meat has certain proteins that are necessary for your body, a grilled New York cut steak is not bad for you, as long as you do not eat it every day. Acai, the little berry from the Amazon works on cleaning out your digestive system It clean toxins and waste out of your colon as well as your intestines. It contains many fibers that continually keep your system squeaky clean.

If your digestive system is not running smoothly you are bothered by things as embarrassing gas, bloating, Indigestion. Your food does not break down well, and turns in to insoluble fat. The sad fact is if your system is not running smoothly you gain weight instead of losing it.

Acai boost your metabolism and burns the excess fat quicker. It then turns this excess into energy, so you feel better and more like doing things. If you eat healthier your system will remain clean, it will be easier for you to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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The History of he Acai Berry


Centuries ago in the Rainforests of Brazil there was a great famine, the chief of the tribe ordered all newborn children to be killed to save resources? The daughter to the chief was not spared, and her child was murdered with the other first born of the tribe. The heartbroken daughter, one night thought she saw her child and wandered out into the wilderness, and took the child in her arms. The next morning she was found quite dead, hugging the palm tree with the fruit from the tree all around her, the chief ordered the fruit to be harvested and the tribe was saved from starvation. In fact they became very strong and vital, they reproduced, led long fruitful lives. The daughters name was iaca, and the berry was named for her, meaning “giving life.” So goes the legend of the Acai Berry.

Every sinc

e then, the Acai berry has been an important part of the lives of the natives. They use if as a regular part of their diet. They use it in many dishes; turn it

into powders and juices. Modern day natives mix Acai with Granola for breakfast. The one thing they all have in common is they still live long lives, look younger, are more vital then their counterparts.

Acai for men has the same amazing properties today. Men who use it find it helps them to look younger, not to lose their hair and keeps the weight under control.

It also helps insomniacs sleep better, promotes mental clarity

If you haven’t tried Acai for men, then you isn’t feeling as well as you should. It totally cleanses your systems you can feel healthier, more vital and alive.

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David Wolfe has gone Crazy!


A: This is tragic… (but you’ll love it)
B: What a friggin tragedy!
C: I think he’s gone insane (but you benefit)
D: Life-Saving Info for $97?
E: He put a price on LIFE (gotta see this!)
F: David Wolfe’s Gone Crazy (you benefit)

Yep, it’s official: David Wolfe’s gone crazy.

Personally I respect his decision but he’s
getting a lot of flack. He’s just bottomed-out
the price to access his LongevityNOW Program


You Have to See This For Yourself to Believe It!

David wants this LIFE-SAVING
information in the hands of anyone and

And I agree because you can have everything you
desire but you can’t buy back your life (or the
life of those you love) once it’s gone.

The bottom line is: if you or someone you know is
suffering from any physical conditions or signs
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To absolutely ensure *anyone* can access
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Since you’re reading this email, you clearly
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the fact that anything you want is USELESS to you
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…$97 is Absolutely Affordable to Guarantee
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If you aren’t familiar with David Wolfe, his
clients include Woody HarrelsonMark Victor
Tony RobbinsAngela Bassett, and Steve

He also runs the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
whose mission is to plant 18 billion fruit trees,
a massive step to securing our planet’s

A portion of all sales will go to this great

So not only will you receive this life-saving
information that will literally transform your

Your investment will plant fruit trees that will
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P.S. Oh and real quick: David has told me that
some of our international friends have had
trouble ordering. He’s fixed the issue so please
try again if you were unable to buy.

Secure Guaranteed Health and Longevity NOW!

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The story about Chocolate snd living a long life

today is David Wolfe’s birthday and he’s just sent me a great video I wanted to share with you.

See the Video Here:
Oh and please forgive the “Blair Witch” style
recording of this video… David just had one of his days

Now who is David Wolfe? David Wolfe is the creator of longevity Now Program. David has not been ill for 15 years, because he hs developed the perfect healthy lifestyle.
party-goers whip out their flip video.



P.S. If you’re one of the thousands of people who
missed out on LongevityNOW and have been asking
when David will re-open the doors…

He’s just told me they’ve ordered more copies and
will be making the LongevityNOW Program available
once again! Doors open at 9am PST tomorrow, Thursday
August 7th.

Don’t miss it this time:

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What’s this site about?

This site is not only about getting healthy, but staying healthy as well. Every day we thing we ought to get healthy, but we put it off. But, the longer we put it off, the more unhealthy we become, until the results are a serious disease such as, Diabetes, ot heart disease.

We can do something to prevent this, and that is what this site is about.

So join me, as I test and review some products designed to make us the best we can be.


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